How To Handle A Patient With Alzheimer’s At Home?

Alzheimer’s is a common disease of the elderly where there is progressive loss of memory and cognition. Those who are affected by the disease start forgetting and eventually develop behavioural changes. Their ability of problem solving, thinking and concentration disappears gradually over time. This makes them lose their independence and increases the risk of developing injuries. The safety of these patients are affected as they lose their sense of judgement, sense of time and space, physical abilities and normal senses like vision, hearing, temperature and depth perception. Creating a home environment that is appropriate for these type of patients ensuring their safety is important and would be taught in aged care courses Melbourne.

First, check your environment and identify any hazards. It is best if they are moved in to a room on the ground floor as they may tumble across the staircase in the night if they get confused. Make sure the doors and gates of the house are locked well and they aren’t able to open them easily and wander into the streets where they may not be able to find their way back home. Keep fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and first aid boxes ready in the case of an emergency. Make sure their room, hallways and the house in general is well lit, as they tend to become more confused in the dark. Place a large clock at a place where they can see it wellto orient them in time regularly. Make sure there are no tripping hazards on the floor by removing clutter and obstructed pathways with cabinets or shelves.

These patients may need continuous care depending on their severity in which case, you may need to get professional help of a caregiver with certificate III in aged care Melbourne. They will ensure the safety of these patients by supervising where they go, providing meals on time and making sure they take their medication as prescribed. They may also help them maintain hygiene as these patients tend to become incontinent over time. Introducing a routinein the lives of these patients prevent them from getting confused and a professional may do this better. These patients can develop many comorbidities and they must be taken for their doctors’ appointments regularly. They must also be visited by family and friends and enjoy the rest of their life with peace and joy. Do not isolate and avoid any interaction with them. This will only make the condition worse as their overall quality of life becomes poor.In managing a patient with Alzheimer’s, treat them with kindness and compassion.

Tips On Avoiding Theft

There is always a fear of getting robbed especially in places like offices where there is so much money and valuable information that needs to be taken care of. Here are few things you could to avoid robbery or theft in a workplace:

Make sure there is authorized access
Most of the workplace practice this, they make sure that there is tight security so they allow only authorize people access it. This can be done by giving the staff an ID card which they need to show at the counter. Another way is by having scans such as finger print scan or retina scan. Showing the ID online is not very effective as any unauthorized person can easily steal the card from an employee and enter the office. This is why offices use other methods for example they give different passwords to employees and they can enter it only if they know the password. If you have a tight security system then chances of theft reduces by 50%. Also make sure that private and confidential data is kept in another room where only limited people can access.

Be creative with the security
Apart from setting alarms, you could also lock your computer or laptop with a cable lock and attach it with heavy furniture and this should be strong so even if the thief tries to grab and run with it, he falls which will make a noise and make other people alert. You should have CCTV cameras all over the office which should be monitored 24/7. For extra protection you should connect it with your mobile so you can have an eye on the office even if you are away.

Know your team inside out
It could be a situation when a member from your team is giving private information to your competitor; this is also a form of theft. So make sure you know your employees very well and have a close eye on them. The effective key management tool is to motivate your employees to be honest to you and give the best for the company they are working at. If employees’ needs are looked at then they won’t have any reason to cheat on you or your company.You should have strict rules so that employees will know that if they attempt to commit a crime there will be heavy consequences. For example you could make sure that they don’t get work at any other company due to their actions. Also employees should be made aware that they are being monitored 24/7 so they will not even try to commit any fraud.key-management