Central air conditioners are of two types. The first is the packaged units and the other split-system units. The difference between the two lies in the location of condenser, which in split system air conditioner installation Melbourne is separated from the main unit and is kept as an outdoor unit. Thus split cooling systems has two major components, the indoor and the outdoor unit. The present day split unit are much compact and appealing and do not require space like the window unit. The outdoor unit contains components like the condenser, the compressor and expansion valve while cooling fan and the cooling coil comprise of the indoor unit.

Know the Parts of the System
Split system air conditioners can be used for cooling one or two rooms.Below are the different parts of the indoor unit.
•    Evaporator or cooling coil: This component consists of a copper coil turned around a copper tube. The system’s capacity determines the number of rows required. It can be considered as main part as its function is to cool the incoming air.

•    Air Filter: This part filters the air by absorbing dirt particles from the room air and supplies clear air.

•    Cooling Fan or Blower: The incoming air is allowed to pass to the filter and then the cooling coil which sucks the hot and dirty air and supplies cool and clean air to the room. The speed of the fan can be controlled via knob or a remote.

•    Drain Pipe: As the very name suggests, drain pipe removes dew water which is formed on cooling coil’s surface due to condensation of air.

•    Louvers or Fins: Fins are part of indoor unit whose role is to change the direction or angle in which the air is to be supplied. These can either be horizontal or vertical.

The outdoor unit of the system comprises of following three parts.
•    Compressor: It compresses the refrigerant and increases its pressure before it is passed on to the condenser. It is regarded as major part of outdoor unit.
•    Condenser: The pressurised air flows though the condenser and is evaporated to give up the heat.
•    Expansion Valve: The expansion valve is the part of the outdoor unit where the temperature and pressure drops suddenly.

In order to achieve optimum performance of the air conditioner a proper installation plays a major role. Wrong installation can lead to frequent maintenance issues and will be unsuccessful in providing desired cooling effect.
Where to Locate?

The location of the air-conditioning system plays an important role in the cooling effect. The indoor and outdoor units are governed by separate factors which determine their locations. When installing the indoor units the location should be such that air is distributed evenly in the room. The outdoor unit is basically prefers an open space location to achieve free flow.

Energy Consumption
The energy consumption of the system depends on suitability of the unit to the room it is installed. The size of the split system has a major role here. Moreover higher efficiency is also determined by the proper installation of the unit.

4 Split System Cooling

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