Spreading The Word About Mosquito Borne Disease

With the severe rains around the world, mosquito borne diseases have begun again to make an appearance. Every year mosquito borne disease kill many people around the world. These diseases however are completely avoidable if every one of us takes the initiative as a citizen and a person with a community to keep our own homes and gardens free of water where mosquitoes can breed. It takes more than just our own gardens that need to be cleaned. We need to get together in our offices, in our schools and in our neighborhoods to make sure that there are no places in which a mosquito can breed.

Places where mosquitoes can breed

Many people think only of the most obvious places for mosquito breeding such as bowls and buckets where water has collected. However, mosquitoes only need a tiny amount of water to breed and can breed in a small amount of water collected in a dried leaf or even in a gutter on our roof that has been blocked by old leaves. This information needs to be made known to the public through label printing and notices because most people do not think to get their gutters cleaned nor do they tend to look deeply in small corners of their homes.

In addition to posters and sticker printing Sydney, awareness campaigners need to launch social media campaigns to let people know about the dangers of mosquito borne diseases and how to identify the illness in the unfortunate case that you catch it.

Knowing the symptoms of a disease and identifying it early can save your life or the life of your child and this is information that needs to be spread among the public. It is important that you ask each member of your community to p-lay their part in the awareness campaign by speaking to others and passing on the leaflets that they have received.

Schools and religious institutions are great places to start with in terms of spreading the word as they are places in which the whole community gathers. If you manage to reach three thousand children in a school, those children will go home and speak to their parents and their families doubling and tripling the number of people that will hear the message. If you are able to reach a group of ten thousand indirectly through each campaign you conduct, it is almost guaranteed that you will be saving a number of lives with each campaign you do. It is important for you to get children involved as they will pay more attention than adults would to their surroundings.