First 3 Steps To Consider Before Launching Your Own Catering Business




If you are the type of person who enjoys hosting dinner parties to your friends and family at every opportunity and you have the natural entrepreneurial flair, then maybe the catering industry is something you would like to get in to. The advantage would be that you would initially start up with a low capital and eventually build a client base to grow. This article aims to provide you with some basic tips to how to make that first move.

Type of foods

You must first try to figure out what are the types of food that you genuinely have in interest in making. Consider the various options available to you for example; lunch menus where these would generally consist of sandwiches, quiches or salads and so on. You can typically model the business around this specific service during lunchtime. As for catering, this can include any event during the day time, such as luncheons, school functions and any other daytime events even at small conference venues. Other meal options include special event catering such as weddings and parties or dessert menus or cocktail menus. Whichever option you choose, being passionate of what you do is important. Look here to gain information about the small conference venues in Melbourne.

Creating the menu

This is one of the most important steps to getting started. Creating a food menu will give you a basic yet comprehensive picture of the type of kitchen you would have to have, the kind of appliances and what the budget is expected to be. When you jot down the menu, try to include items to suit several different taste palates as most guests would turn away if they feel there is no variety in the menu. So for example; incorporate both spicy and non spicy foods, vegan and vegetarian options. Keep the options manageable, as even at small events in private function rooms catering can be tedious with a large menu.

Testing your dishes out

The fun part comes when you test your dishes out with friends and family after settling on a tentative food menu. It is important to ask them for honest feedback so that you know where to improve and tweak on. Make sure that you set up the dinner in a way that emulates an actual catering service, so get feedback on the whole set up that includes the food as well as the service. Ultimately, it is important that you are convinced with your own dishes so take time to practice and experiment on new ingredients and recipes just to make it unique and delicious at the same time.




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