Getting Married On A Budget

The cost of a wedding usually surprises many brides and grooms to be because the cost of a party for one day is usually half of their entire life’s savings. In truth, it does not make too much sense to spend so much money on one day, the beginning of the rest of your life to entertain a bunch of people that you hardly know.The guest list is another thing that bothers many brides and grooms to be. They would usually intend to have a certain number of guests only to find that when they add in all the people that they need to invite out of obligation such as relations, friends of parents and neighbours their guest list has all but tripled. Sadly, eliminating all of these people from the guest list is not always an option as you do have the obligation of inviting certain aunties and uncles even though you have not met them in a few years. All you can do is to hope that they do not attend. There are a few things that you can do however to cut costs and save a lot of money on your wedding day.

Host two events

Hosting two events can save you a lot of money and it will also let you have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. The idea is to choose a unique party venues Melbourne where you can host a small intimate wedding ceremony with all the elements that you always dreams about for only your immediate family and your best friends. This number can usually be limited to about twenty to twenty five people which means that you can concentrate on giving each guest a better experience.

You can choose to have this little intimate party at a beautiful little location such as a waterfront venue or on the beach, both venues that will not cost you a lot of money. Plan this event with elements of magic and details that will give you the opportunity to have your fairytale wedding.


You can then have another smaller event at your home for the rest of your guests. You can make the food for the event yourself with the help of your respective families and friends which will save you a lot of money in catering costs. Plan this event in a simple way where you will be spending a minimal amount of money per person. This plan will let you have two parties, two celebrations and still keep the cost low and affordable.