There are many common ailments that can impact the tresses and their health adversely. A combination of unhealthy lifestyles, habits and stress has all come together to contribute to the fact that the majority of us do not really have great and healthy locks. However, some conditions can be remedied correctly if identified as they start. Here are some of the most common ailments that can affect tresses and how to overcome them.

Untimely shedding

Unless genetics are in play here, your first step should be to identify the possible culprit behind your untimely shedding. There can be a multitude of reasons for it and your solution is one that will address the cause. For example, if the product you are using is incompatible start something like a shampoo Kevin Murphy that is of great standard. If you do not moisturize it enough, use something suitable. If you blow dry on a daily basis stop doing it. If you have not trimmed your ends, get to it. The solution lies with how well you are able to identify your issue and the discipline that you show in carrying it out on a regular basis.

Premature greying

Another issue that does have to do with genetics to a certain extent is premature greying. In the case of genetics you might not really have much of a say but other contributing factors such as chemical and heat damage, lack of nutrition and lack of care can definitely be avoided. In addition to this, instead of dong any chemical procedures on your locks try something like long-lasting tape hair extensions out where there will be little to no chemical damage caused. Use a good quality oil to get your scalp blood flow going and massage for at least five to ten minutes each time you apply it. If your family has a tendency of experiencing premature greying while you may not be able to handle it a hundred percent, start eating well so that you reduce your chances of catching the same trend.

Drying out

Number three would be the drying out and frizzing of locks that makes it look a lot more like a crow’s nest. In order to overcome this, pay careful attention to the kind of weather that you live in. it is possible that the humidity in the air is affecting the structure of your locks. In addition to this, look at using mild products so that it does not dry the tresses out even more. Always wear something like a hat if you are going to be exposed to direct and strong sunlight.

Common Afflictions That Affect Tresses And How To Overcome Them

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