It is not the external environment that needs a change, it is the internal life style, the mentality, the truth that these teenagers have grown up to believe and inculcate requires a revolution where they grow up with self-confidence and accept the body that they have been born with.
Mirrors are no longer needed to see yourself, people around you are enough to let you know you have started looking a little old or chin has started to show. “May be you need to get some work done”, they say as normally as discussing buying new clothes. The trusted cosmetic industry is at its peak at the moment and getting a job or two done on you is as common as going to spa for some rejuvenation treatments. It is your choice to fight the pressure or willfully surrender as it gives hope of a better face than you already have.

It starts with a little tuck in here or some right fat transfer there, then you get bolder and go in for injections for skin lightning and then it’s the knife. With each procedure the uncertainty begins to vanish and the greed for more, for looking better takes over and you are back at the doctor’s office discussing your body issues again.

Most of whom who opt for these procedures belong to the upper middle and upper class section of the society, hence, plastic surgery prices do nothing to deter them from undergoing more and more procedures. Cosmetic surgeries are treated as procedures for the elite and are demanded as such. Doctor’s offices have become more like salon lounges than operating stations. The need for correcting body parts and the pressure felt by many to opt for it has only increased with time.

What once was discussed behind the doors and covered up as necessary treatment is now openly talked about and suggested. What once was clouded by uncertainty and fear is now proudly and confidently embraced. The growing awareness about these procedures and the risks involved have only encouraged people to go for it even more. Once a procedure is performed, it only makes people more confident about subsequent procedures.

You might notice a line or a crinkle near your eye and find yourself sitting at the clinic to discuss what can be done, you are informed it is just an injection and you should be good to go in a few hours. You feel better and more confidant when you get home after the procedure and look yourself in the mirror elated that you went with it. This happiness lasts for a few months before you notice you have an extra chin. This extra chin finds you sitting at the doctor’s office once again going over it all over again.

Cosmetic surgeries may be permanent procedures, however the happiness and satisfaction received from such procedures is far from permanent. It keeps you sated for a little while and you are content with yourself for some time, but it is not long before you notice something else that is wrong with you and find yourself wanting to fix that as well.


Does Plastic Surgery Really Make People Feel Better

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