When houses are built, a major installation is of the roof, as it is required to keep water and other elements from entering inside the house. Metal roofs are being preferred due to their property of heat resistance, affordable rates and easy installation procedure. Colorbond roofing installation just like all metal roofs is an easy procedure.  

Roof blankets 

This refers to putting a layer of sarking to help prevent metal condensation, because condensation forming on the underside of the roof can cause roofing sheets to rust prematurely, and can also drip down to rot timber framing, wreck plaster and cause any number of other problems 

Putting on metal roofing sheets 

Metal roofings being light in weight, can usually be passed up by hand, one by one. They’re laid in place, and are carefully marked and cut for hips and valleys by running a chalk line across them to get the shape right.  

Attachment of the roofing sheets 

The edges of the roofing sheets are mostly found to be pre-shaped; this prevents moisture contamination in areas via capillary action. Roofing sheets must also align perfectly at the gutter end of the roof. Some sheets use concealed fixings which don’t require holes to be drilled.  

Getting rid of swarf 

Cleaning is very important after the roof installation is complete. It is mostly done using a broom or a high-powered leaf blower. Swarf is the term used for offcuts of metals; if you don’t get rid of swarf, the chances of rust and metal being spoiled increases. This is also important for when penetrations are put into your metal roof for things like exhaust vents and roof windowscuts need to be clean, flashing needs to be done carefully and all swarf and debris needs to be properly removed to prevent damage. 

What makes colorbond steel unique? 

Its durability is the main reason people opt for it. Another property is its excellent weather performance; by being anti-corrosive, providing enhanced bushfire protection, thermal efficiency in conditions like hailstorms, strong winds, rains and extreme temperatures. Most common ones have a classic five-layer protection to offer: 

  1. Durable steel base 
  2. Application of metallic coating 
  3. Pre-treatment for the enhancement of adhesion of extra coatings 
  4. Inhibitive primer 
  5. Superior quality topcoat paint for the ultimate finish. 

Cost of colorbond roofing 

Statistics have shown that the cost of colorbond roofing installation ranges between $5000 to more than $35000, depending on the type of material chosen, and the contract done according to house structure and company’s policy, with average price sitting around $15000 


In the process of house making, an essential part is roof installation, since it is a barrier against leaks and elements from entering in your house. Therefore, houseowners perform a detailed market survey and need to have knowledge about different materials and reliable contractors in town. Colorbond roofing system is a common choice nowadays, with durable steel and affordable price. colorband-roofing

How To Install Colorbond Roofs

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