Whenever you decide to get a storage place, there are certain things that you need to consider which will be really helpful before getting a storage unit. You may need a storage unit for certain period of time. If you are a student and it’s a semester break and you want to travel to another city and want to leave the hostel or flat where you are currently living then you can put your stuff into a storage unit. What if you are deciding to change your house and looking for a space to keep your things for time being then you should go for storage space. A storage unit or storage space is available at our storage unit facility in Brisbane and we serve in almost whole Brisbane. What if you have a TV or a refrigerator of your parents and you don’t want to throw it away plus you don’t have enough space to keep it at home then you need a reliable storage space in Brisbane to keep your stuff.  

We have different furniture storage in Brisbane available in terms of space. Our small storage unit has 1-4 square meters area which is suitable for small stuff like you have a table and a chair or maybe your books that you read in your career. Then, we have a medium storage unit in which you will be given space of 5-7 square meters, a normal space for your limited furniture or tool set. This unit is good enough for the stuff of average 2-bedroom home. If this is not enough space for you then we have a large space of 11-13 square meter which is enough for your furniture, house hold items and other stuff. This unit is enough for an average 3-bedroom home, it will be able to store all the stuff that you have in that home. What if you are still not satisfied with all of these storage units? In that particular case, we have a special storage which will be made according to your requirements and demands.

The storage units that we offer are safe and have high security. For the safety purpose, we have installed high quality cameras that work 24/7 and whole year. There is no holiday not even a single one in whole year at our storage facility. We entertain our valued customers all the time. Every unit that we have in our facility has a dedicated lock and an alarm. We have installed keypad locking system so that trespassers would not be able to go into the facility. Every unit is secured and we make sure that your stuff is safe and is taken care of.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Storage Unit

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