It sounds really easy when we hear things like, “we are understaffed, late sittings are on from Today” this may sound that simple but actually it’s something which has layers attached. Imagine a department where 10 employees are working and sitting late has become a daily routine in that department. Should we take it as that department is understaffed and that is the only reason of late sittings? Efficiency friends counted when more output is generated with less input simple? NO! there is time factor also involved between, one cannot eliminate the time frame within which input and output reactions are taking place.

Yes! Understaffing is an issue which a digital workforce management software Australia must take into consideration beforehand and there is no excuse when employees are getting screwed for working and still not meeting the requirements of the company (or the target is still not fulfilled). Issue is when understaffing is knocking the door things get weird automatically, it is not something which cannot be tackled feasibly but somehow manager’s lack of foresightedness creates such issues. Technically there is a quota of every department and this has been witnessed that still companies are facing missed target (when it comes to year end closing). As a manager and HOD they must identify the black sheep in the department (talking other than understaffing issue) and nudge them to stay on the track.

Irony is, in this world the gift of responsibility is more responsibility whereas it should be something other way round, the gift of responsibility should be less responsibility, less work and more chance to let others become like that responsible person in the department. But the fundamentalism in the work environment is so obvious these days that, they never reconcile what they are already practicing, sitting late has become a ritual and culture and this has been made understood to the employees that, sitting late will decide the loyalty and ownership of an employee to the event scheduling software Australia.

Most of us are still not agreeing to what has been discussed till now, but in the end all this is true and based on factual position. Have we ever asked ourselves why there is no audit for the work environment? Means is the company following the 9 to 5 timings, are they actually implementing what they have written in the policies. If any organization is just saying and not implementing then they should be penalized and should be checked time and again in order to ascertain the uniformity. Work is for life, this life is a blessing and not only for work folks! This age will be gone, things won’t be the same (may get better and may get worst) be prepared for the life ahead, enjoy what one has right now! Instead of running after what one don’t have? Clock is ticking!!!

Workforce And Time Management

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